Mansard Loft Conversions

A mansard is constructed by raising the party walls on either side of your property in brick and then creating a timber frame between the two new wall extensions.

Mansard style loft conversions offer many of the same advantages as dormers, although mansard loft conversions are regarded by some as being more aesthetically pleasing, especially on older properties. The rear face of the mansard should slope backwards at a 72 degree angle to comply with planning regulations, which results in the finished head-height being slightly less than in an equivalent sized dormer.

Because the roof shape and structure must be changed, mansard loft conversions almost always require planning consent. This is something that Landmark Lofts can handle on your behalf, drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge of London’s planning departments to obtain the necessary consents.

Our designers would be pleased to discuss your unique requirements with you and establish which type of loft conversion would be most suitable for your home.