Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversions

Hip-to-gable loft conversions are suitable for homes that are detached or semi-detached and have existing hip-end roof structures, meaning that the sides of the roof slope inwards towards the ridge of the roof rather than being a vertical ‘gable’ wall on the side of your house.

With a hip-to-gable loft conversion, your property is extended on the sloping side, effectively replacing the sloping roof with a gable that is the same height as the ridge and filling the space in between. If your home has two sloping sides you can even opt for a double hip-to-gable loft conversion to create even more additional space.

This style of loft conversion is usually combined with either a dormer, mansard or Velux loft conversion to create a usable additional floor to your home.

Hip-to-gable loft conversions are an attractive option for homeowners because they generally fall under permitted development, meaning that you don’t need to apply for planning permission.

Our designers would be pleased to discuss your unique requirements with you and establish which type of loft conversion would be most suitable for your home.