No, not in all circumstances. Although recent planning regulations have been relaxed, please do not be mistaken that you can build whatever you so wish. Under permitted development regulations, you are permitted to develop you current home by a certain amount of cubic meterage (dependant on the style of your home) but you should not just assume that you can build whatever you so want. In most circumstances you will be allowed to convert your loft space into a living area by just applying for a certificate of lawfulness from your local authority and submitting a building control application. In the rare circumstance that you need to apply for planning then we at Cherrywood can consult you and take care of this process for you free of charge and liaise with you and your local authority on this process. All that will be required is a set of proposed plans to explain what we are proposing to do. In a conservation area you will have no option but to apply for planning permission. If your home is less than 20 years old you may also find that your permitted development rights have been removed and therefore a planning application will also be necessary.
If you are attached to your neighbour then you will need to consult them and arrange for a Party wall agreement to be drawn up. This protects them and yourselves from any future discrepancies that may arise whilst works are being carried out or once works have been completed. Under the 1996 party wall agreement act your neighbour is at liberty to appoint a party wall surveyor to carryout this for them but it will be at your cost. A few things to bear in mind here are that once you or your neighbour has appointed a party wall surveyor you can not un instruct them for 1 year unless you pay their fee.
Some party wall surveyors will try to convince you or your neighbour that you have to use the surveyor services and will intimidate you in such a way that you instruct them. Providing you and your neighbour are amicable we at Cherrywood can supply you with a party wall agreement free of charge, this will in turn save you money, however should you opt to appoint a surveyor then please expect to pay in the region of between £750-£2000 per side for their services. These costs should be accounted for when you start to budget for your proposed work.
No not in all circumstances, depending on the local authority in which you live in, some will allow you to install a mains operated smoke alarm system to prevent this, however it will be dependent on the standard and the quality of the doors you have in your home. We are in most cases allowed to install a mains operated smoke alarm to each habitable room and a heat detector to the kitchen, and providing they are all interlinked and mains operated then this would be suffice and permitted.
No we can arrange for one of our architects to prepare your proposed plans for you, however we are more than happy to work with an architect that you have appointed.
Yes of course, you will just need to check that you own the loft space, as in some circumstances the loft space is shared or still owned by the freeholder. You may find that you will have to purchase the loft space from the freeholder before you are permitted to convert the loft. You will however have to apply for planning permission to do these works.
If you current ridge height is lower than 2.1 meters then the chances are you will not be able to convert your loft space. You will have to apply to the local authority to ask if you can raise the ridge height, but in most circumstances they will refuse you permission to do so, in which case the only other option would be to lower the ceilings below to gain the extra room needed, this is costly and dirty but can be done.
No, not at all as all the work is done from the outside in, all the fitters and the material go in through the roof from the outside. Only when the stairs are installed will we require the landing for most of the day, but we will protect your furnishings, and your carpets from the dust and the mess caused, we will seal the doors, this will be the only day we say it ,ay be a good idea to be out, we have in the past had a customer come home from hospital with a new born baby on the day we have installed the stairs. We aim to keep it as clean as possible and stress free on this day.